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My science makes magic!

Bio-Orchestrator™ | Serial Entrepreneur | Life Adventurer
Working With Fiona

Fiona is driven to empower individuals to thrive; however that may look like for them.

Fiona became a cutting edge clinician because she was a patient who couldn’t get the help she wanted to live her life.  Her practice is all about personalized care and advocacy. She is able to work with clients around the world remotely or in-person.



 As a sought after expert on all the latest health, wellness and fitness trends, Fiona tells it like it is with a big dose of common sense.



 Fiona’s unique thought process is a combination of life experience and the magic of science. Join her on her exploration journey.


Curiosity, passion and the desire to make the world a kinder place drives Fiona. She engages with companies and partnerships that are motivated to make how we live and love exceptional.


Speaking Engagement

Fi likes to run headfirst into an adventure across all aspects of her life, which makes for some funny stories and hard-learned life lessons. She shares her anecdotes, know-how and cautionary tales to groups internationally.


– Charlene B.

I am 55 years old, had cancer and have arthritis and [now] I am able to exercise. She takes her time to understand your needs, your limitations and your goals. She’s warm, friendly and has a great sense of humor. - Charlene B.

 – Mylene G.

Fiona is also the potion queen!!!! Fixed my frequent night urination problems and finally getting a good night's sleep instead of waking 4-5 times to go pee. A bracelet that she has asked me to wear to help with the menopause symptoms has helped smoothen out the bumps. It tones down the effects of the hormonal swings or depletion somehow.  - Mylene G.

– Natalya K.

I engaged Fiona for only a short time, but she affected a lasting positive change in my life by introducing the concept of a "wellness bubble". There is a common misconception of "no pain, no gain", and following that misconception, which can be rephrased as "you have to sweat it out", only those workouts that make one break a sweat count. But no, activities that calm us down, an all-around support for our wellness, a comprehensive, holistic and well-thought-out approach is the winning...

– Oren S.

I found Fiona after no one could tell me what was wrong with my body. I had constant infections, extreme fatigue and injuries from playing professional sport. I would feel the need to spend all weekend in bed because I was so tired. After working with Fiona for 6 months with all of her treatments, I feel like I have turned back the clock. I am back to playing golf, no more antibiotics, going to the gym and not hurting. - Oren S.

– Natasha D.

Fiona Gilbert is a godsend. She wears so many hats at once, including that of a friend. She has been able to organize my overall wellness, which far, far exceeded my expectations. - Natasha D.

– Beth E.

I met Fiona Gilbert years ago when I was struggling with weight gain and back pain issues. She did a thorough evaluation of my needs and very quickly became someone I went to for any health issue, as she is truly the most knowledgeable person I know, as well as becoming a life-long friend. Her knowledge regarding biology and the human body, along with psychology and human psyche, is unparalleled. I put into place all of the recommendations she had for me for diet, meals, and workouts and have...