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Speech has power.
Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed.

– Abraham Joshua Heschel

Fiona is available to speak at conferences, retreats & events. Her speaking topics include biohacking, challenges of being a female executive, sexual wellness as we age and the demands of start-up life.

Female Challenges
Fiona has been interviewed by multiple publications discussing the challenges of being a female CEO and a C-Suite parent.

She talks about the fear women have heading companies, juggling a family and personal commitments, as well as the judgements they face that are not related to their skill or talents.

Fiona has been a professional biohacker since before the phrase “biohacking” became part of popular vocabulary. She teaches people how to navigate snake oil, placebo and science in their wellness journey. Biohacking is the ultimate experience of personalised care and medicine that everyone should have access to.
Sexual Wellness & Intimacy
Fiona is a leading authority on sexual wellness and intimacy, as well as a fertility consultant. She is an advocate for sexual wellness for people with disabilities. Fiona believes sexual wellness is a vital part of holistic wellness
Start-Up Business Development
As a serial entrepreneur, Fiona thrives on the energy of the start-up world but is also fully aware of all the pitfalls, mistakes and toll start-up life can have. Not everyone is cut out for start-up life, what do you do when you lose your entire founding team? Fiona discusses her Top 5 mistakes, why every start-up needs corporate hygiene and why a start-up can no longer look like a start-up.