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What’s Your Stack?


When people find out I’m a professional biohacker, the first question is usually “can you get me smart drugs?” followed by “what’s your stack?”.

  1. Um, let’s look at other things before we talk about pharmaceutical nootropics.
  2. Your stack should never look like my stack.

Since I get asked that question so much, I know I shouldn’t get taken back when I am asked.  But to me, it’s extremely personal and complicated.  It’ll be more socially appropriate to ask me what my bra or dress sizes are because I can give you a specific answer.  Biohacking is so very personal.  It’s also something that is constantly evolving.  My stack changes week to week.  Your stack should too.  It’s influenced by how I feel, what is going on in my life, the weather, the energy around me and if I’m traveling or camped out at home.

And oh, did I mention your stack should never look like mine? Or even your life partner’s? Or best friend’s? Or, or, or …

The thing I love most about biohacking is that it is ever evolving.  It needs to be ever evolving and adapting.  The quest for the “perfect” stack or the “perfect” protocol is a thing of the past.  It’s about “what is best for me right now”.

This covers all spectrum of things: financial wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, sexual wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing … were you stuck in a subway car in NYC with a group of 50 pre-schoolers who all sneezed on you?

These are all the things that truly matter, rather than a state of perceived perfection.

By wanting the perfect stack, we are just falling back into old habits with a different lingo.  The panacea cure-all drug for weight loss, cancer, diabetes, any disease or dysfunction.  We embraced biohacking because it offered something different.  Because it offered something personalized and customized. Please, don’t fall into the perfection trap or the cure-all trap.

Biohacking is about being a little better tomorrow than perhaps you were today.  It is about exploration and fun and possibilities.  It’s about self healing and self care and doing what is best for you, the person.  Not you the parent, not you the employee, not you the spouse, not you the caregiver, not you the million other things you are.

Just you.

You as you are right now.  You as you are, with your needs and wants and desires.