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ABCs of Non-Sex

All-inclusive Resorts, Beer & Cialis: the perfect ABC for no sex

A few years ago I got to spend 2 weeks at a lovely all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic.  What is there not to like about 24/7 free flowing food, alcohol and sandy beaches?  My room was near the resort’s farmacia (pharmacy) and the most interesting thing about the farmaciawas that it was pretty barren except for shelves and shelves and shelves of Cialis.

On the first day, I just chuckled to myself.  On day two, I noticed the shelves were nearly empty. On day three, I saw the clerk restocking all the shelves.  By day four, I realised these boxes were literally flying off the shelves.  Men would walk into the farmaciawith a beer or two and walk out with boxes of Cialis.

I remember shaking my head and held back the urge to tap these men on the shoulder and say, “hey mate, swap the beer for something stronger and you won’t need the Cialis”.

True story.

Most of these men were putting away a dozen beers a day and wondering why they need drugs for the bedroom.

Beer is estrogenic.

Yes, think man boobs.

I am not saying beer is the cause of erectile dysfunction, but I am saying it is not helping.

If you find yourself thinking about wanting to try a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase-5) inhibitor (e.g. Cialis, Viagra, Levitra), the first thing you should do before heading down that path is to check on your beer intake and check your adrenals.  Are you hormonally balanced? Is your body making enough testosterone?  And are your adrenals functioning well?  Not only is it responsible for your fight or flight response, after the age of 40, they are also responsible for helping regulate your testosterone.  When your adrenals are fatigued or exhausted, everything is going to go out the window. Hormonal regulation, sleep patterns, appropriate response to stress.

Instead of reaching for a PDE5, reach for an adaptogenic adrenal support.  Make sure your diet is high in magnesium and zinc.  That you have antioxidant and amino acid support.  Cut out the beer, replace it with tequila, gin, vodka or another spirit.

If you do decide to use a PDE5, remember it is just a temporary crutch.  It is not going to fix any underlying problems.